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It’s 20 years since the headline ‘YANKS 2 PLANKS 0’ belched from the mind of one of The Sun’s ever-culturally sensitive subeditors, summing up depressingly neatly the events of the previous evening in Foxboro, Massachusetts, where England had been beaten by the USA for the first time since Belo Horizonte. (more…)



13th November 1991

1992 European Championship Qualifying Group 7

Poland 1-1 England

For whatever reason, the mystic footballing illuminati seem to enjoy lumping England and Poland together in qualifying groups for international tournaments. (more…)


February 17th 1993

1994 World Cup Qualifying Group 2

England 6-0 San Marino

As England prepare to get reacquainted with San Marino on Friday night, there has been, predictably, much coverage centred on the eventful night of November 17th 1993 in Bologna, where Davide Gualtieri scored only the third goal in the tiny republic’s history – and the fastest world cup goal ever. (more…)