Strange though it may seem, when this blog first started in 2011, the the celebration of 90s football we see today wasn’t really a thing. In the years since, it’s been fantastic to see an abundance of top quality football writing and broadcasting on the era emerge. Brilliant books have been written on Italia ’90, USA ’94 and Euro ’96, and some of the most interesting club sides (Keegan’s Entertainers, Spurs’ Famous Five, Fergie’s Treble Winners, the various underachievers at Liverpool, and the disastrous decade had by Manchester City). There’s the excellent Nessun Dorma and Quickly Kevin podcasts, and the sugar rush of clips and gifs offered by the 90s Football and Crap 90s Football Twitter accounts. There’s really no MO or particular focal point behind the 90s Football Party. It exists now as it did in 2011 – as a nerdish excuse to dig out my old copies of 90 Minutes and trawl the When Saturday Comes archive to research stuff I half-remembered, and learn more about the stories behind some of my fondest childhood memories. And to laugh at the haircuts.
I hope you enjoy the blog.
  1. Joe says:

    Hi buddy – just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading every single article in here and I totally understand your position about 90’s football. I started following the beautiful game in the early 90s and, as a result, am an AC Milan supporter. I still support them but not too much to be nostalgic about in the recent past (or look forward to in the near future). Looking forward to your next post. Cheers and beers.

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